Nature at its best. Come and stay in the heart of coastal Alaska for wildlife viewing and the best photography in the world. Welcome to our backyard, Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. We are located in the Alexander Archipelago of the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Prince of Wales Island is the nation's 3rd largest island. This region of Alaska's coast has hundreds of islands, with 1000's of miles of coastline and hundreds of bays and coves. This area has a very rich and vibrant ecosystem for coastal wildlife viewing and awesome photography.







The location of Bear Valley Lodge offers a slower pace in life. Where one can just sit back and watch nature right from our quiet, scenic location. All forms of wildlife come by our beach front location, but the sea otters are here every day, right off the dock. Killer Whales and Humpback Whales cruise through as they feed and migrate with the seasons, Blacktail Deer frequent the area. Private Salmon Stream for viewing all the Black bears of El Capitan Creek. Harbor Porpoise, Eagles, River Otters, Sea lions and many different types of Sea Ducks, Loons and Grebes, and shorebirds can be seen from our location in El Capitan Passage.

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